Access Statement

Our private parking area and path up to the house are surfaced with pea shingle and is approximately a 10 meter walk from the house:
Carpark and path

There are 3 steps, with a handrail (left hand side ascending), leading to the front door:
External step rail

All the guest bedrooms are located on the 1st floor. The stairs have a banister only in-situ, left hand side ascending:
Stairs bannister

Bedrooms 3 and 5 do have 2 internal steps, with a handrail (right hand descending), leading down into the en-suite shower room:
Internal step rail shower room

Room 1 has a bath with shower, with a grabrail on the left hand side facing the shower:
Grabrail bath

Other key points:

  • The smoke alarms are audible only.
  • The breakfast menu is available in large print (font size: 72 points)
  • Verbal format for the breakfast menu is another alternative available.
  • Guest information is also available in large print, on request.
  • We are always happy to help you with your luggage, preparing a hot drink, using the radio/TV etc.
  • The guest lounge has a fridge which can be used for any medicine requiring cool storage but please ask if you prefer them kept in the owners’ fridge.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome.